i heart new year’s gala ladies!

love notes
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yesterday’s gala was a total treat. an amazing group of women from the dc area, illinois, and vermont. we set intentions, wrote in our journals, did some yummy yoga, dined on tea sandwiches, learned about nutrition, explored the 8 petals of creativity, and set goals for 2009. here are some photos of the lovely ladies in action.

after a brief kicking up of my fringed boots, beau and i headed to the mac store to pick up my healed laptop. super-excited to be reunited with my beloved friend – especially now that it has a speedy (and working) hard drive! then to dinner complete with my favorite reisling from chateau st. michelle and finally to a bookstore for my favorite pasttime- bookstore browsing. came across this super-cool book: the creative entrepreneur. two of my favorite things rolled into one! genius.

the next two days are full of teacher training, a 12:30 MLK day class at tranquil space (come one, come all) and tomorrow night’s liberation flow to house music with a dj! come celebrate MLK day and the inauguration with us. SUCH an exciting and historical week in dc (despite the closed roads including the one in front of chez moi – where are the locals supposed to park? AND heaps of tour buses). honestly, the anticipation of change and possibility definitely outweighs any short term annoyances!

beau is out in west virginia getting a possible cabin inspected. he’s been looking for the perfect place for a few years and decided to shift his efforts from dc to a weekend getaway. keeping my fingers crossed for him as this would be an exciting lifestyle shift (and new, fun place to hold creativity and yoga workshops!).

wishing all of you a delightful and blissful sunday. i’m still in bed – where i’ve been for about 14 hours now. time to rise and shine and make the most of my next few hours before dashing to the studio. just so hard to part with my beloved reunited laptop that has been MIA for 4 days (almost 85 hours), but who’s counting?