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friday began with a metta meditation (divine) and facial at kripalu. then traveled home via train (my favorite travel mode) for the rest of the day. home to beau at 10:30pm to celebrate a few hours of our 6-year anniversary together. dropped off laundry, picked up mail, repacked and headed to his cabin in west virginia. ahhh, after two weeks of travel, it feels good to be hOMe.

taking two weeks to nurture my creative and spiritual spirit was the perfect way to launch 2010. good news is that i didn’t fall too behind thanks to handling e-mail and issues while away. thank god for wifi. back to school on monday so get to start reading all about abnormal psychology and statistics for social workers. already had that back to school nightmare last night. you know the one, where you show up and can’t find the right room? ahh.

while indulging in a bed day yesterday with my planner, stamps, idea book, journal, visual journal a la mexico, note cards, laptop, and glitter paint, i was feeling overwhelmed by having my 2010 dreams in multiple places. to remedy the situation, i pulled out three cute notecards, tore them in two so they were more like index cards and wrote my objectives, strategies, and tactics onto them with a noir sharpie.

i broke it out by KW (personal), TS (tranquil space – studio), TT (TranquiliT – clothing line), TSF (tranquil space foundation – nonprofit), and HTV (hip tranquil ventures – media). the objective for all organizations was similar: brand enhancement, growth, and awareness. my personal one focused on health, efficiency, creativity, spirituality, organization, simplification, and travel. from there i broke it down to strategies (i.e., development, marketing, training) and then to tactics (i.e., daily meditation, check e-mail 3 times/day, create new e-course, new website).

there are many ways to write to-dos and at times it may feel overwhelming if they are in a place you won’t see daily (like my visual journal) or aren’t broken down into steps (like “marketing”). i hope this helps you, too, get clear on capturing your dreams, to-dos, and bigger picture goals for 2010.

additional ideas to enhance: use colorful paperclips, add ribbons to your notecards and journals, tie ribbons around paperclips, layer with tissue paper, post your goals on index cards and hang from a ribbon in your office/home.

how do you organize your dreams, to-dos, and strategies in a creative way?


**the photos above show my new strategy cards peeking out of an envelope at the front of my planner pad, newly glitter painted cover, new birds + paris stamps, and blank cards lying by ideas in my visual journal created in mexico before being “strategized.”