joyeux anniversaire

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Cupcake Collage
image from: Cupcake Collage Pictures

today is my 37th birthday. my how time flies.

i can recall the excitement i had as a young girl awaiting the homemade strawberry cake to come out of the oven. my favorite part: adding the sprinkles on top. this is a great metaphor for life.

a few years ago a colleague encouraged me to use my birthday for reflection by listing highlights that transpired over the past year and what i hoped to see for myself by my birthday the following year. i’ve followed it religiously since and wanted to share a snippet of my journal writing with you:

highlights since june 30, 2009
tranquilista hit shelves
new look for tranquility du jour
indulged in creativity retreat in mexico
10 days in paris
started MSW program
shoulder surgery
indulged in yoga + buddhism retreat
cut hair to bob and donated 8 inches to locks of love
tranquil space turned 10 years old
began column for
celebrated 6 years with beau
two west coast book tours
hOMe to oklahoma twice
signed lease on new tranquil space arlington hOMe (opens august)

dreams for june 30, 2011
explore india
texas tranquilista book tour
tranquil space arlington grand opening soiree
half way through MSW program
daily meditation
create value-based annual check-ins for tranquil space team
co-lead 4 inspiring tranquil teens programs
reduce tranquil space out debt by 25%
conference keynote speaker
etsy store
regularly up by 8: to bed by 11
publish tranquilology: a collection of my blog posts sprinkled with illustrations

my day started with a 1.5 hour manager meeting complete with scones and cupcakes and included my very first yoga class in 90 days (who’s counting?). it felt divine to be back on the mat. truly like coming hOMe. tonight i’m off to strathmore with beau and friends. looking forward to basking in music, belly laughs, and socially conscious tunes.

merci beaucoup
for joining me on this journey called life. 37 feels good.