kripalu day 4

love notes
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whew, *just* emailed in my policy memo due tonight that has been hovering over my head all week. poor gota (cute japanese boy often on my blog) yelled at my during dinner last night, “you always have a paper due tomorrow!” as i reflected on the past few times i’d seen him, that had indeed been the case. how sad. le sigh. such is summer school.

here are sOMe fun photos of my journey so far at kripalu. yesterday we did a walking meditation to the lake topped off with 30 minutes of journal writing lakeside and walking a labrinyth, plus a discussion of yamas and niyamas.

today was all about vision/inspiration boards, reflecting on ways to have more creativity in everyday life. a fave topic for all.

tomorrow is the finale complete with a luxurious 7 hour train ride hOMe. excited to see beau and my furry friends.

bisous to all!