mon anniversaire pics

love notes
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bonjour 40 ensemble: vegan wedge boots, tights, lace shorts, 2in1 chemise, shrug 
{skipped the tutu + tiara = felt like the one/two things(s) too many}

invalides golden dome from rodin garden
eiffel tower peeking behind ecole militaire
savoring sunshine among the well-manicured hedges in rodin garden

rodin’s beloved “the thinker
next to afternoon tea at mariage freres

raisin scones with rose + green tea jams + violet green tea

time for reflection with belly full of scones + then off to bookstore browse at whsmith

pondering packing: everything pulled out of bags to assess the puzzle
good news = i will return bearing many rose-infused gifts

noir togs on table, book pile on stool, beloved peonies, new perfume + lit rose candle 

while i typically do a birthday muse and had grand plans to do that and more today, i’ve decided to have a quiet night at home with hot rose tea, green juice, a soak in the tub, and a few good books instead. after gallivanting around paris in wedges the past six hours, my tired feet are begging for a break. and so is my mind. 
this introvert is craving a respite from all the beautiful stimulation to bask in the remaining hours of my special day tranquilly. birthday musings and paris 2014 announcement coming early next week.

merci beaucoup for the incredibly kind birthday wishes. i’m beyond honored. and kinda swooning over the 40s. i think we’re gonna be fast friends. bisous. x