monday in motion

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welcome to a brand new sparkly week!

interviewing goddess leonie last night got me all excited to hone in on my MITs (most important tasks). we mused about our passion for 12 zen habits and the beautiful way she brought them to life *in color!*

considering i’m costa rica bound for a week, i have to really hone in on my MITs to ensure everything gets done before i leave town. however, i’ve been handling piddly projects most of the morning and doing oodles of social networking. my oh my that twitter stuff is addicting! started following the dalai lama. gotta keep up with his whereabouts, right?

as i settle in for the day i am focusing on my MITs – especially the time sensitive ones. for example, i have a 3-4 page paper due tonight for my creative non-fiction writing class AND i still have to finish the reading associated with the crafting of said paper. in addition, i’m longing for a change of venue. rather than working at the showroom today (a typical monday + friday adventure), i’m going to stay at chez moi to bask in the fragrance of the stargazer lilies (see photo) and the comfort of my home. shaking up routine is a sure way to shift perspective and appreciate the small things.

during book club last friday, blogger extraordinaire all about the pretty mentioned that she has themes in her blog – destination pretty plus eat, drink + be pretty. i loved the idea and am toying with tranquility du jour themes. i think of tranquility du jour as a fusion of spirituality, creativity, entrepreneurship, style, + do-gooding. LOTS of fusion but we are, after all, multi-faceted women with oodles of interests! any suggestions on ways to infuse the themes into your blog experience? would you like to see the interests divided up or do you prefer a cocktail of them all (as i currently do)?

as you can probably tell from this question and my post last week, change is brewing deep within – like a small seedling pushing to the surface. i want to ensure i offer you the musings you need to stay inspired and informed on living a sparkling lifestyle infused with tranquility!

merci beaucoup in advance for your feedback and for your support!