my artist date revealed + january dreams

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this month’s intentions are important for starting the new year in a new decade. hmmm, no pressure, eh?

i ended the year sewing a fancy lettuce edged reversible shrug for my etsy store. the photos show the process from start to finish in reverse order. began by laying out the fabric, cutting, pinning noir and pink together, then sewing. my seamstress laughed out loud at my fancy “v” shaped sleeve. let me assure you this was not intentional and by no means the plan for my bell sleeve. ahhhh, sewing is hard work, but sooo rewarding. i’ve worn my new shrug non-stop since i made it and will add variations to my etsy shop this week.

as i’ve mentioned, my word of the year for 2009 was “spaciousness.” plenty of room for improvement, but the awareness of it remained strong so i plan to keep this focus for 2010. what is yours?

below are my january dreams (lots of events this month) coupled with a review of how i did with december’s (many of which were captured in last month’s blog posts):

my january dreams:

1. lose holiday pistachio salad weight gain. boo.
2. back to weekly boxing sessions.
3. host inspiring, informational living your yoga series.
4. review and finalize spring samples.
5. launch etsy store.
6. design new e-course. thinking “living your yoga” or “tranquilista-focused.” any requests?
7. host inspirational “new year, new you” teleclass on monday + day retreat on saturday.
8. inspire creativity in online creativity circle and ongoing artist date challenge.
9. daily sun salutations and meditation.
10. yoga classes at tranquil space 3-5X/week.
11. more sewing party time with seamstress.
12. finish see jane lead and letters to a young therapist.
13. finalize book launch plans for tranquilista.
14. savor every moment of mexico mixed media retreat.
15. design a strategic plan.
16. explore adoption of another pug.
17. close computer by 11pm on weeknights.
18. finalize and send out survey to tranquil space yogis.
19. determine most strategic use of time and energy.

my december dreams:

1. finish paper for human behavior theory by dec. 14. – DONE
2. finish paper for diversity by dec. 14. – DONE
3. sewing party (i design/sew, she troubleshoots) with seamstress = etsy store. – DONE
4. fun, festive five days with family in oklahoma. – DONE
5. review 2009: list lessons learned + highlights. – DONE
6. host fun bebe brunch fete for preggers yoga teacher. – DONE
7. take louis to see santa (photo above from 2008 santa). – DIDN’T HAPPEN DUE TO SNOW DAY. BOO.
8. host annual holiday dinner for besties. – DONE, SUCH FUN!
9. decorate new 2010 planner pad. – DONE.
10. declutter: clean closets + armoire + dresser drawers. – DIDN’T DO. BOO.
11. finalize guest bloggers + introduce to readers. – DONE
12. read, read, read. nap, nap, nap. post-dec. 14 MSW deadlines. – DONE.
13. indulge in 2 tea dates with friends. – DONE.
14. regular fires, pine candles, bubble baths, + one grape soda. – DONE.
15. finalize spring palette + begin spring samples. – DONE.
16. creative holiday gift giving: homemade, locally purchased, experiences. – DONE.
17. lead inspiring workshops at tranquil space arlington this weekend and tranquil space dupont next weekend. – DONE (ONE WAS CANCELED).

18. yoga classes at tranquil space 3-5 times/week. – DONE.