my day at the cathedral

love notes
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today was blissful. always a treat to step outside of the daily grind. i woke up, hit the computer (as i often do BUT am trying to wean myself from), churned out oodles of work, and rushed to the cathedral for an all-day pre-conference intensive on the Redvolution (you may recall sera beak from a former podcast). once there, i settled into an experience where we are seeking to connect to our “divine spark.” she asked us questions like “who am i?” “why am i here?” “what is the next step to take in my life?” “what is something to do every day to build my connection with Spirit?” good stuff!

i took photos of the cathedral, bookstore (you just know i had to find that), the lovely lavender display, the darling tea shoppe cottage (soooo cute – want to live there), and the fairtrade dark chocolate brand, divine, that they sell. i’m usually a milk girl, but i had to get my antioxidants!

a total treat to truly bask in my creative day (try to savor fridays for creative work). now to tackle some exciting projects with a breath of fresh air and divine spark!

book group tonight at tranquil space! we’re discussing eat, pray, love. come if you can! xo