nouveau e-course + e-book

love notes
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you may recall me requesting your feedback on my next creations: an e-course and an e-book. i received lots of grand ideas that i’ve been pondering ever since. what speaks to my strengths? what gets me excited? where will i be challenged creatively? what are blog readers (you!) asking for?

after heaps of musing, i’ve decided to craft the following:

1. a creative + conscious business e-course: covering everything from branding to social media to giving back to the community to developing products to customer service to expansion to human resources and more! out this fall.

2. tranquilologie e-book: 12 chapters of inspiration broken out by month with sprinkles of watercolor inspirations throughout. the e-book will also include mp3s of moi reading the chapters so you can “read” on-the-go. out for holidays.

i hope you are as excited as i am. merci beaucoup for your grand ideas and love for tranquility.

bisous. x