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dearest readers,

after a decadent morning facial at aveda (thanks to winning it in the pigs’ silent auction) and an afternoon of mindfulness training, i’m happy at home with a green juice in hand and purring kitty nearby. le beau and le pug are savoring a boys’ weekend in the woods so it’s a quiet night chez moi. after the green juice (spinach, frozen berries, banana, wheatgrass juice + chia seeds) settles, i plan to head to the gym to work off the many salted caramel chews i savored post-meditation. honestly, i only intended to have one. but 15 jumped into my belly.

upon return i’m eager to pull the kitchen table (aka desk) over in front of the fire and edit into the wee hours with kitties purring, peppermint candles burning, and tony bennett serenading. my project? i’m working on updating and enhancing tranquilologie with grand plans to turn the e-course it into an artsy coffee table book stuffed with mary catherine starr‘s joyful watercolors and nearly 70,000 words (almost double hip tranquil chick and tranquilista). look for a summer release and more deets shortly.

above is a screenshot of my newly launched website. we’ve been working on this since september 2011. nope, not a typo. seriously 1.5 years. many life circumstances intervened to cause unnecessary delays, but i am happy with the final product. s’il vous plaît peruse the site and let moi know if you have any suggestions, catch a typo, or have trouble finding something. a few more tweaks are forthcoming. until then, i hope you enjoy the new look created with lots of love, time, and energy.

wishing you an equally “sexy” saturday night complete with happy pets, projects you love, favorite scents, and rockin’ tunes by octogenarians. bisous. x