paris at last

love notes
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bonjour paris. 
we arrived early this afternoon after a missed connection and 24-hour delay in toronto. we went with the flow, caught up on a few things from a toronto hotel, and headed back to the airport for try deux last night. joyful, easy flight here and fun day exploring despite a fuzzy jet-lagged head. meeting lots of lovely retreaters from around the globe and tomorrow is our first official gathering. ooh la la! now bed. oui, at 10pm. promise to increase stamina with a bit of yummy slumber. below are some pics from our journey so far. 
wishing you dreams of tasty macarons + parisian cafe musings. bisous. x
louis packed up in his pink bag
louis exhausted on my lap at the cafe
my first cup of green tea (used 3 cubes of tasty sugar)
my first of many baguettes
cutest tee ever = pink pigs + eiffel tower
sir louis insisting on being carried after jaunt through jardin de luxembourgh
spontaneous evening stroll with julia, carol + le beau