pink hair musings

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on friday i had some hot pink added to my heavily high and lowlighted hair. i LOVE it and can’t imagine my life without it now. what’s not to love about a dash of pink?

i’ve never been the “gotta be different” kind of gal but as i’m aging (yep, 35 THIS year), i’m finding myself to be tres more daring in ways that never appealed before. it’s as if my desire to do things differently is more of an expression of who i am versus a rebellion against society (or parentals). these “expressions” are benign (mum may feel differently) and have been a gradual progression from my uber-conservative oklahoma sorority days. got a sunflower tattoo on my belly after graduating from college in 1995 and still grin when i see it peer out of my low rise capris. pierced my nose in 2000, can’t imagine life without this must-have bling. have been highlighting as long as i can remember – no idea what is my natural shade. began the obsession with donning all-black togs over the past couple of years (not in a goth way, but more of a simply chic way). and now the pink hair.

while doing a google search to share with you some pink pelo thoughts, i came across “the ultimate guide to unnatural hair colouring,”this article that reminds us that creativity is not about pink hair and is coined “the pink hair myth,” and here’s the pink hair gallery for those who want more visuals.

who would have thought that there was so much written about hair dye? anyone out there feeling pretty in pink?