puerto rico bound

love notes
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hola! i’m delighted to share that i’ve prerecorded this weekend’s podcast as beau and i are dashing off to puerto rico for a wedding tomorrow. i’ve never been to puerto rico and hear such phenomenal things about it AND i can practice my oh-so-sad spanglish. i took 4 years in high school and college, but i still sound like a four-year-old. “A for effort,” i like to say!

today was a big step for TranquiliT clothing line – we moved our inventory out of my new partner’s abode and into rented space. woo-hoo. as we were packing up my 1992 jeep with our goods, she asked me if i thought martha stewart started this way. we got a chuckle as we drove around with the hatch open and shelves sticking out. onward and upward.

this clothing line is like a little baby of mine. i started it in 2002 with t-shirts and yoga pants, now we’ve grown into an eco-friendly lifestyle line and i live in it. always on the look out for cool, new, versatile ideas, i recently came across normal kamali’s versatile line in spiegel and LOVE it. the fabric is timeless for travel (not as fabulous as bamboo) and her designs are inspirational. as i search for the perfect all-in-one piece to design for TranquiliT, i’m enamored with this one. she’s a genius!

tonight we dropped baby pug off at “camp” (aka dear friends) for the weekend and it was so sad. how can we be so attached to these little beings with fur? i can’t wait to pick the little booger up monday night as soon as we leave the airport! however, i must confess that my two cats, bonnard and matisse, appear delighted to have free reign of the pink palace.

we hope to have internet access while away so i’ll be sure to share my adventures in puerto rico. since beau has numerous obligations being in the wedding party, i plan to do a lot of sun soaking, yoga, writing, and reading. this is our last bit of travel until the spring blossom retreat early march. although i love jet setting as much as you, it always feels good to come home. hasta luego, mi amor.