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photo courtesy of hope wallace of paper relics
as you may know, i’m slightly obsessed sir louis the pug – a little black furry creature who walked into our lives 7 years ago this month. ah, the sleepless nights, use of shoes as chew toys, and lack of use of puppy pads (he preferred the edges). gleefully we’ve moved on to different challenges like lyme disease, incessant need for food (preferring bonnard’s prescription cat food), pooping on the stairs of the ritz carlton after consuming too many treats at the humane society’s annual sugar + champagne event, oh, and overt manipulation of moi.
when i received the above image today via twitter from hope, i had to share it. apparently the georgetown anthropologie has a pug display. alas, just another reason to browse their store. being in anthropologie is like a fairy tale that i want to live in and their displays are like no other. i truly go inside simply to smell candles, observe displays, buy books, and get a creative fix. 
wishing you a day that offers a glimpse of creative fix. for moi, i’m working on my scholarly paper due monday, getting excited for our montreal pals’ visit this weekend, and tying a bow around numerous marketing materials while louis the pug snores away on my lap. 
p.s. merci beaucoup to all who joined last night’s tranquilologie teleclass. such a treat to connect and discuss tips for tranquil hollydaze. the mp3 was sent to in boxes earlier today – enjoy! also, mark your calendars for our new year’s call on wednesday, january 11 at 9pm ET.
bisous. x