Retreat Reflections

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Time is a great healer.—English Proverb

Last week I returned to Pura Vida Resort & Spa for the 12th time to host a week-long retreat. Dressed in layers, many of us boarded a direct flight from Dulles to San Jose. Upon arrival we shed said layers to welcome the warm weather.

We were picked up from the airport and transported to the resort where the staff greeted us with a tropical fruit mocktail and warm towel. Once checked in, we dined on fresh food created in their kitchen and settled in for an evening rain storm.

The days were filled with two yoga classes, a variety of mindfulness practices (mindful eating, body scan, loving-kindness, seated meditation, walking meditation, mindful communication), and art journaling. Spa treatments and naps in hammocks coupled with eco-excursions to waterfalls, a volcano, and hot springs provided the perfect blend of restoration. We were typically in bed around 8pm and up with the roosters and birds around 5:30am.

Hosting a retreat is an honor. It’s a joy to watch people manifest their week’s intentions, slow down, and surprise themselves. By hitting the pause button, we’re able to listen to that voice deep within that may have been ignored while going about day-to-day life.

Highlights: piles of freshly-cut papaya, green juice, ginger tea, blue butterflies, vegan chocolate cake topped with strawberries, savasana with lavender oil, art journal play, tears of gratitude, finished Z is for Zelda Fitzgerald, time with Mom (her fourth Costa Rica retreat), hours in the hammock, new connections, a mini handmade pink journal filled with notes from those who joined.

Save the date, we’re heading back February 17-24, 2018. Or join me for a weekend getaway in May or a Virtual Retreat next weekend from the comfort of your own home. Retreats provide a structured downshift to explore our deepest dreams. It’s a true salve for the soul. Bisous. x