saturdays, montreal, holiday trunk show

love notes
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remember that whole bit about singing for saturdays (former july blog post)? well, today is one of those days! woke up to interview a fellow author, esther blum, who wrote eat, drink, and be gorgeous. beau made me some steel cut oats sprinkled with papaya and i’m curled up with my laptop, pug, kitties, journal, books, and planner pad on a makeshift matress we pulled together last night to sleep in front of the fire. i’m in heaven. so this is what a saturday can be like? i’d hoped to get to the studio for class but feel drawn to lying low this time of the year. just being. breathing. writing. reading.

canadians, i’m crossing the border next week and teaching a couple workshops in montreal at centre de luna yoga. please come out. can’t wait to explore this city again. such culture, history, and flair!

also, i’ve attached info on our 4th annual holiday trunk show. save the date AND, if you’re a creative chick, e-mail to get an application to feature your wares at our event. it’s a fun and festive way to support female designers while getting your holiday shopping done early or to showcase your creativity if you’re a designer. happy creating!