Saying Goodbye to Miss Lillie

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The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.—Saint Augustine

I hope you had a joyful holiday and are gearing up for the transition into 2019. Today I’m off to Oklahoma for a few days with family before returning to teach a 2-hour New Year’s Eve Mini Retreat at Tranquil Space and a 2.5-hour New Year’s Salon in my office {2 spots left}. Before we head to the airport, I wanted to share an offer with you.

In 2013 I purchased a 1988 Chevy Sprint vintage camper for a two-month Tranquility Tour across the US and Canada. Since then we’ve taken her out on annual adventures and, sadly, she’s spent most of her time in a storage lot. It’s come time to say goodbye simply because she’s not getting the attention she deserves.

This is where you come in—we’re looking to give her a good home in exchange for a donation to Pigs & Pugs Project. You determine the amount.

On Christmas we stopped by to pull out our stuff and snap these photos and video with hopes of passing her on to a new family.

A few things to note: she’s not starting (may need a new starter; it’s not the battery), the front cab AC doesn’t work (despite getting repaired multiple times; apparently the parts are hard to find) but the back AC works great when plugged in at a campsite; she has 75k miles, new tires in 2013, was last driven a year ago, has a two-burner stove, a kitchen and bathroom sink, toilet/shower (we never used the shower; it’s tiny), has a table with two seats (the table can lower to pull the two seats together into a kid’s bed), has a pull-out double bed with a full-sized memory foam mattress, she would need to be picked up in Hedgesville, WV (there’s a Chevy dealer 30 minutes away in Martinsburg), registration needs renewal, Mom made all the cute damask and striped slip covers, she’s 18-20 feet long and fits in regular parking spots (huge perk). Twinkle lights sold separately (said with a smirk).

I think that covers the nitty gritty. She was so good to us during our tour and we’ve since taken her on trips to the Smokies and nearby campgrounds. If you have any questions or are interested, reach out. Again, my goal is for her to get regular use, love, and maintenance.

Writing this makes me sad; it’s the end of an era. But it’s time for me to pare down and Miss Lillie to have a new family. Bisous. x