schedule shifts, making an impact, off to kripalu

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today my schedule got shifted as beau and i headed to ikea for a few studio and showroom pieces. he decided we didn’t have enough time before my next appointment and we’d be too rushed. i throw a mini fit. “i told people we’d get these items.” “what will i do with the 2 hours i’ve slated for this?” he offers to handle it. “i can’t have you go b/c i’ll have the car this week and you don’t know what to get.” um, wow, am i five years old? it’s crazy how addicted i am to my schedule flowing as planned. if it doesn’t work as such, i get completely thrown off and feel out of sorts. it’s silly! i requested a drive by teaism to drown my disappointment in ginger scones and we returned home where i promptly filled the two hours with laundry, packing, and organizing – all things i have to do before driving off to kripalu at 9am.

i carried on with my appointments of the day and sent beau with a list to ikea. he fulfilled the mission with flying colors and i received an interesting lesson in letting go of attachment to my best-laid plans!

last night we were watching the news when the aspca commercial with sarah mclachlan came on. i immediately went to the website and signed up for the monthly donation. then i remembered the mid-atlantic pug rescue that we donated to for louis’ third birthday and i made another donation. i started reading some of the stories, looked at beau and started to cry. he made me stop reading, put the computer away, and was a bit perplexed as don’t typically break out into tears. ah, i have SUCH a soft spot for animals and want to do more. donations are great, leading doga is fun, being a good mum to my three furry friends is great, but i want to have more of an impact! what fuels you into tears? in what ways can you make an impact? how can we best speak up or serve others who can’t speak up or serve themselves?

tomorrow i head out for a 7-hour drive and an opening circle at the start of my retreat at kripalu. i’m so excited to meet the lovely ladies and bask in a week of yoga and creativity in the mountains. pictures, stories, and insights sure to come. enjoy your sunday!