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When I began practicing yoga almost a decade ago, I was seeking an outlet that would bring serenity, self-discovery, and a svelte physique. Little did I know the yoga journey that lay ahead after my first class one early morning overlooking the snowcapped mountains of Colorado. Yoga has become a way of life. I’ve been a seeker since early childhood when I gained pleasure flipping through the pages of my mother’s “Dear Abby” compilation book looking for answers to my third grade struggles. This mentality has followed me into adulthood. While others love escaping with a good fiction beach book, I take solace in non-fiction books proclaiming to help me discover my purpose, live my best life, and build a socially conscious business. While working at a law firm with hope of changing the world one trademark at a time, I found that my lunch hours were spent in the park reading self-help, my evenings were spent learning yoga, and my weekends were consumed with visions of turning my one-bedroom apartment into a yoga studio. I continue to search for answers regularly while on the yoga mat practicing or off the yoga mat living my life.