Seeking Your Insight

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Dearest Reader:

Last night while I was working on the new project I hope to announce later this month, I realized I should ask YOU what you most needed. Sure, I know what I would find helpful (which is what has led me to create every business, e-course, or product to date), but what would be most helpful to YOU?

After having to take some time off from Tranquility du Jour to get through the sale of my baby Tranquil Space and to refill the creative well, I feel a strong desire to create something special for you in 2018. An offering that takes the idea of tranquility in every day further, brings it to life in tangible ways, and deepens our community.

What would you most like to learn? Mindfulness. Style. Entrepreneurship. Creativity. Transition. Beauty. Decor. Wellness. Self-care. Animals. Giving back. Yoga. Writing. Bringing dreams to life. Vision boards. Reading.

Would you like this in the form of an ongoing offering? An e-course? A book? A live in-person or online event? Something else?

Please share how I can best serve you by leaving a comment below or sending an email. Thank you in advance for your input and collaboration on bringing forth a useful, beautiful, inspiring offering for 2018! Bisous. x