love notes
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while browsing some free, fabulous magazine at cafe gratitude, i found that dharma mittra is in napa this weekend! sooo, guess who’s gleefully going to spend 3 hours on the mat with her new professional crush – moi! what are the chances that i’d get this opportunity while on the west coast this weekend? i’m truly honored and can’t wait to share my experience with you. i think this man is a yoga genius.

my editor gave me two books when we met on wednesday and one was a book titled yoga that had dharma mittra in hundreds of poses from his uber-cool yoga poster. again, serendipity.

tomorrow is my yoga + creativity workshop at yoga tree and i can’t wait to connect with the artists/yogis coming out for it. we’ll be doing yoga, journal writing, meditating, and creating a vision board. tons o’ fun!

may you, too, find sprinkles of serendipity in your life. it is such a pleasant surprise!