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sooo, after a 2-hour nap on friday night (how decadent!), beau, pug, and i headed into town to find some fabric to start those projects featured in amy butler’s fabulous sewing book. got 8.5 yards of black and white toile, muslin, poly filler, buttons, and a mini sewing kit (because i brought my machine but no thread – details!). home at midnight to start my projects.

after review of the intricacy involved in the projects i decided to start with some leftover black stretch fabric i had and a top i’d brought. traced it, cut it, pinned it, and broke out my new machine. getting the darn thing threaded and the bobbin set up is half the battle for me. things were going well for awhile. alas, i kept having bobbin problems which is why i bought the new machine. my old machine got to where the bobbin never would work right and it was constantly skipping stitches.

i was determined so i stayed up until 4:30 sewing this darn top that should take about 30 minutes. i kept thinking “there’s a lesson, there’s a lesson,” then i’d get angry wondering why bobbin issues continued to follow me, then i’d vow to not stop until this piece was done, and then i’d laugh. ahhhhhh. the top sits on the kitchen table next to the machine that i either need to take back to the store or have someone sit with me and sew to determine what is going wrong. my plans for making big floor pillows in toile may be thwarted for now. lessons, lessons. aren’t sewing machines (especially brand new ones) just supposed to work? sew frustrating. glad i’ve got a spa day planned.