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When we gather online Sunday, December 4 to celebrate Hip Tranquil Chick‘s birthday over bubbly, a potpourri of tranquility practices, and a colorful new chapter highlighting the past decade, I’m excited to share YOUR stories.

One of the segments in our two-hour gathering is YOU. I’ll be reading some of your stories and/or playing a few left via voicemail. I may also be in touch to schedule a podcast interview to share your story further!

If you’re willing to share the story of how Hip Tranquil Chick has had an impact on you, please leave a voicemail at (202) 796-8351 or send it via email to me. If your story is chosen, I’ll send you a treat as a token of gratitude. Thank you for sharing your stories with me. I can’t wait to share yours with others.

A few responses so far:

It was because of Hip Tranquil Chick that I completed a 200 hour level yoga instructor training and a master of science degree. Kimberly gave me the confidence through the book and her podcast.

On the mat, it has taught me to pay attention what works for me rather than just going through the motions and following the teacher. Off the mat, it has inspired me to try to new things and take risks, including starting my own documentary film business.

What drew me most to Hip Tranquil Chick is that it gave me “permission” to create a luxurious life that also includes yoga and do-gooding, among other things. I have practiced yoga since 1994 and your book was the first of its kind to say “you can love pearls and dressing up, and Paris, and champagne, and being fabulous”.

Hip Tranquil Chick really helped me become more authentic in my life. When I first discovered and devoured the book, I was around 21 years old and I didn’t feel like I belonged anywhere. I was a girl who loves yoga but who also loved wearing chic black clothes and leopard print. Your book helped me see it was not only okay to be who I was, but wonderful. 

Hip Tranquil Chick inspired me to create a steady yoga practice, and ultimately led to me becoming a yoga teacher myself. Right after I finished my training, my ex-husband and I entered the final, heart wrenching year of our marriage, and I credit my yoga training, and by extension you Kimberly, with helping me to breathe and keep a positive outlook in what I hope will be my rock bottom. I am forever grateful. That book and you changed my life.

A reminder: If you register by October 31, I’ll send you a bonus mp3 where I tell the story of writing Hip Tranquil Chick plus the process of penning this new chapter. Look for this fun bonus early November. Bisous. x