signing the dotted line

love notes
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happy thursday from my loft bed.

i didn’t feel quite right (especially after yesterday’s start to the day with a barium swallow test) most of yesterday and this heat in dc really drains me. then i woke up this morning with a summer cold – my least favorite of the cold family – which makes sense as this little booger was probably brewing yesterday. colds are for winter. summer ones are not pleasant. fuzzy head, achy body, sniffles – the whole shabang. canceled afternoon appointments and am trying to do a quick recovery complete with hot tea, emergenC, rest, and some writing with chubby bonnard and his naked belly (still recovering from his run-in with the rubber bands) purring on my chest.

at noon today i signed off on my first loan for any business. after a month or so of paperwork. phone calls, and forms, i signed on the dotted line multiple times securing the loan. i hope to have some exciting news to share about tranquil space over the next few months . . . stay tuned.

the whole ordeal felt empowering and scary at the same time. overall, i’m incredibly grateful that it is the first loan needed in my ventures as they’ve all been created with baby steps. i’m also very grateful that i’ve had the opportunity to pursue my vision. while working with a mentoring client last weekend, we honed in on the importance of finding what she was very passionate about before leaping into the launch of a business. pursuing your passion makes signing that dotted line a lot sweeter.