s’il vous plaît: subtitle suggestions requested

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soooo, i know you haven’t read my new book and probably don’t know what it is about beyond the title tranquilista but i’m requesting your talented + creative input on the perfect subtitle oozing with je ne sais quoi. here’s the skinny:

* the 8 chapters consist of entrepreneurship (3 of ’em), spirituality, creativity, style, do-gooding, goal setting, and the book is full of tranquil tips on living live fully, mindfully, and flairfully.

* you’ve seen the cover. it’s dreamy. stylish ladies working + musing + sipping tea at a cafe.

* j’adore tranquilista: the ooh la la guide to enlightened work + mindful play. my editor doesn’t. (yes, i continue to overdo my love for the phrase “ooh la la.”) we’ve been toying with numerous subtitle versions and are struggling to find the right one that: helps define the book and is catchy.

* a few we’ve played with but dismissed: “tranquilista: a yoga teacher’s guide to enlightened work and mindful play” OR “tranquilista: n. a woman who lives fully through enlightened work and mindful play” OR “tranquilista: 8 gems for mindful extravagance” OR “tranquilista: a girl’s guide to fashionably enlightened entrepreneurship.” (don’t want to limit to entrepreneurs)

* of course i’d love a french phrase but most of all i want the “a ha” moment when i hear the perfect subtitle. please pass along any brainstorming suggestions to moi at kimberly@kimberlywilson.com or leave an idea in the comments section below!

* if your subtitle is chosen, i’ll gift you with a $300 shopping spree to TranquiliT plus a complimentary signed copy of the book before it hits stores mid-january!

muse away. i’m eagerly awaiting your creative input. xo