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bonjour from the land of “snowquester.”

le beau and i returned home at 4am. there were a few delays between nyc and dc, including another train having to board ours around midnight {poor things, not fun at that hour}. we raced to the cab line, waited 30-45 minutes, and got in around 4. whew, nothing like an 18-hour day o’ travel! honestly, it was a lovely experience overall. the trip from montreal to nyc is gorgeous and snow-covered. the rocking motion of the train lulls me to sleep. and the large amount of time offers the ability to read, write, and daydream.

coming home to my three furry creatures is always a treat. one is snoring on my lap, another curled up in bed, and my first born is resting peacefully . . . on the kitchen table. i know, i know. he has cancer so he can do anything he wants. and, frankly, was allowed to do anything he wanted pre-cancer, but let’s not judge my {lack of} parenting skills.

in january i sent in my sketchbook for the sketchbook project tour. above is a collage of pages i snapped before dropping it in the mail. you’ll note lots of colorful images, a sense of wanderlust, heaps of japanese masking tape, a sprinkle of stamping, doilies, pigs, yoga, vintage, books, and writing with sharpies.

one exercise i explored below is a bit hard to see {the beauty of keeping thoughts private when writing over images}. it captures a pie chart of my typical day broken down by category and hours, and my ideal day. yesterday on the tranquility du jour facebook page i shared this tranquility tip: “pen your dream day from start to finish. what tiny shifts can you take to make it reality?” 

whether you’re doing this in an art journal, on a napkin, or in your mind, it’s good to ponder the “ideal” from time to time. this helps keep us moving toward our dreams through daily actions. so why not use a sharpie and magazine image as your co-creator? you may surprise yourself. bisous. x