sleepy but happy

love notes
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my journey to kripalu on sunday was lovely. very smooth despite the rain and i loved singing along with tori amos, eminem, and donna delory at the top of my lungs for 7 full hours. we have 19 lovely ladies from the states and canada ranging in age from 20s to 60s joining the hip tranquil chick happenings this week – a beautiful group.

despite sleeping 8 hours, i cannot get enough sleep. my poor little eyes are so tired. i feel like i could crawl into bed at 5pm and sleep for days. this is continuing from last week. i’m hopeful that this will pass as i don’t like running on empty. no time for that nonsense! although i had called this upcoming sunday a bed day, i found a fabulous class at g street fabrics on restyling sweaters. basically taking old sweaters or tees and turning them into something new. example, arms of a sweater into arm or leg warmers. i’m super-excited and decided i HAD to go, despite declaring bed day. ah, another bed day awaits in november – my next declared bed day!

off to bed as i hope to get up early and go for a walk on this beautiful property. while i’ve been typing and handling e-mails tonight, the moon is right outside my window with gorgeous clouds passing in front of it. so lovely! it’s amazing what beauty surrounds us if only we take the time to notice it.