the joy of bed day

love notes
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up at 9am, but have decided i don’t want to leave my bed. sure i had to prep a smoothie chock full of frozen mango, frozen wheat grass, protein powder, 2 bananas, and apple juice. yet this concoction followed me back to bed to be consumed in comfort. louis/wormie (his new nickname now that we’ve discovered he has hookworms – that was our happy thanksgiving news!) is curled up nearby, i have hot apple cider and a peppermint candle burning. seriously, what more do i need besides some hard core rejuvenation. today is the day.

guilt is creeping in from time to time as there is so much i want to do – movies, yoga, bookstore, art exhibits. yet, this is what i need to do! after a week of having to be proactive about a deflated economy coupled with trips to the emergency vet, it seems apropo that thanksgiving would fall on the drama to remind me to stay focused on all there is to be grateful for. beau, wormie, and moi opened the studio to an overwhelming response of yogis wanting to get their yoga on before indulging. so many that i taught an overflow class in our third studio. yay for do-gooding and raising money for the tahirih justice center. beau cooked a yummy meal and after indulging i napped for 3 hours. isn’t that what thanksgiving is for – napping and expressing gratitude?

after teaching a gratitude workshop and hosting a booksigning tea at logan circle’s lululemon yesterday, i started a little online holiday shopping last night. found these fabulous wreaths made at a farm in new jersey – yummy, scented, and can be used for cooking! ordered a great paper recycling kit for my nephews that are into craftsy endeavors. perfect for teaching young ‘uns to reduce, reuse, recyle! of course, many family members will be getting eco-luxe bamboo items from TranquiliT. finding ways to give chic, conscious gifts on a small budget this holiday season allows me to expand my creativity. if you have some fabulous green, cheap chic gift-giving ideas, share them in the comments section of the blog. let’s help make this holiday season our most conscious one yet!

oh, one more thing, teleclass on monday at 9pm ET. focus is on the 8 petals of a mindfully extravagant holiday! join us. if you can’t make the call, register here and we’ll send you the mp3 within 48 hours of the call for you to listen to at your leisure.

now, back to bed day . . .