the making of leopard-print palazzos

love notes
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fresh home from five days and four nights in the lovely land of oklahoma which beau describes as very . . . ,well, brown. lots of dead (hence the adjective brown) open space this time of the year.

i arrived with heaps of leopard-print fabric and a pair of palazzo pants i made during a recent private sewing class (where i was gleefully introduced to a serger). so our final day together involved lots of measuring, cutting, sewing, and modeling our new wares and this pictoral journey shows it all.

my mum’s sewing machine is a gem and the fabric glides through it so smoothly. such a treat. sewing is truly an empowering art. as a former home ec queen (not kidding – 9th grade!), i can honestly say that sitting in front of that machine and having an outfit or piece of an outfit in a matter of minutes (hours or days!) is such a good feeling!

can’t stop thinking about the serger though. think TranquiliT may need one for the showroom! although i may need to call in a consultant everytime that little bugger needs threading. do you see how many spools a serger uses? alas, the creation of these palazzo pants (once cut) was super-speedy and super-fun. and oh-so-comfortable! god bless leopard-print.