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as revealed in yesterday’s love note, i’ll be sharing heaps of ideas and encouragement on creating handmade gifts for the hollydaze in december’s things i love column. 
considering my massive purge this past weekend {with more to come}, my hollyday mission is to nurture my creative side, not contribute to clutter, and gift mainly consumables
will you join moi in handmade hollydaze? skip the crowds, give gifts of meaning, and connect with your inner artist. below you’ll find our first five ideas. bisous. x
image + how-to courtesy of a pretty cool life
1. handpainted kitchen tools
image + how-to courtesy of bright nest
2. chalkboard painted pots with herbs
image + how-to courtesy of blissfully ever after
3. glittery pinecones
image + how-to courtesy of hey gorg
4. tea cup candles
image + how-to courtesy of garden therapy
5. bath tub tea