tomorrow = india bound

love notes
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tomorrow i fly to india via dubai. it’s not everyday one types those words. as i prepare for my jaunt to a place many travel for their spiritual pilgrimages, i am filled with wonderment. the sounds, sights, smells are all so mesmerizing. i burned some nag champa during my morning yoga practice in honor of tomorrow’s trip.

although i’ll have limited internet access while away i have set up my weekly columns to post in my absence. and, of course, as i dodge cows on the street to make my way to the slow dial-up style cafes, i’ll be sure to share updates, images, and, ideally, a dollop of inspiration.

to whet your palate, here are my posts from my first journey to this sacred land:

may your wednesday be filled with a sense of adventure. start a new project. reach out to an old friend. book travel. read a new genre. let your imagination soar. bisous. x