tranquil space foundation lunafest fete

love notes
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tonight was an absolute treat. we had a lovely turnout, great enthusiasm toward the work of tranquil space foundation, and the films were ENTICING. beau and i put purple irises on each other to signify our involvement in the foundation – felt like prom!

a *BIG* treat was the attendance of all of our four grantees:
1. nest
2. the women’s collective
3. latin american youth center
4. girls on the run

i’m truly honored to be connected with so many amazing women and men wanting to make a difference in the lives of women and girls. our two main efforts at this time are:

1. Tranquil Teens program: yoga, creativity, + leadership curriculum for girls 9-12th grade
2. giving micro grants: gifting other non-profits whose efforts align with our values

do-gooding feels good! a *BIG* merci to all of you who showed your support tonight. much appreciated. xo