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Dearest Tranquility du Jour readers,

I’m SO excited to share Tranquilista: Mastering the Art of Enlightened Work and Mindful Play with you. Writing a book feels like birthing a baby (ok, maybe not in the literal sense). Hours of concept generating. Hours of writing. Hours of editing. Hours of more editing. Sore shoulders, eyes, neck, mind, and wrists. Only to see the words begin to take shape months later in the interior book format (liberating), then the cover (exciting), next in person (breathtaking), and finally on the shelves (empowering).

Book writing is a many-year journey that comes to shockingly appears in life form after oodles of hard work. As I spend my last day in DC until the 22nd signing and shipping books, I am *overwhelmed with gratitude* for your support. I’m enclosing a yummy rose tea bag for you to savor while you dive into Tranquilista. Merci, merci, merci!

Below are requests to help spread the concepts of enlightened work + mindful play:

* Purchase additional copies of Tranquilista to give as new year’s gifts.
* Come to the Tranquilista Launch Fete on Thursday, February 4 at the Darlington House in DC.
* Write a review on Amazon.
* Share your thoughts on our Facebook Fan page or on your Facebook wall.
* Review the book on your blog.
* Subscribe to the Tranquility du Jour podcast via iTunes.
* Connect with your local library to ensure they have a copy of the book in their collection.
* Call your local Barnes and Noble, Borders, or indie bookstore to make sure they carry the book.
* Donate copies of the book to a local charity or community organization.
* E-mail moi and share your thoughts on the book.
* Tweet about your experience with Tranquilista.
* Come see me when I hit the West coast and more. Details to come!

Savor your copy while curled up at a cozy cafe, on your chaise, or while indulging in a bed day. Have a pen nearby to highlight pieces that speak to you. Don comfy clothing that allows you to take mid-chapter stretch breaks. Ensure a pot of yummy tea or a flute of champagne within reach. May this book offer you a chance to move outside your comfort zone, explore your creativity, tap into your entrepreneurial spirit, give back, and do it all in tres chic style.