tranquility du jour tv: mini tour de chez moi

love notes
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in between today’s MSW orientation, a meeting with tranquil space’s front desk team, and making final edits to tranquilsta, i decided to do a mini tour of a few of my favorite things at chez moi. you’ve seen photos of my organization overhaul and i thought a sneak peek into the changes via tranquility du jour tv would be fun. forgive my overzealous passion for all things french (beau says the french may not let me into their country if i keep producing videos like this).

considering i have a penchant for posting lists of my favorite things on the blog, i wanted to show you a few nooks such as my hearth altar, tranquility-filled mantle, meditation “happy place,” creativity-inducing chaise, accessory table + display (i HEART accessories), oodles of books, and beloved pets bonnard, matisse, + louis. i hope you enjoy a belly laugh along the way!