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bonsoir from kripalu,

got back to dc at midnight, unpacked, did laundry, repacked, and hit the train at 10am this morning. delighted to be settled into my new “home” for the next five days. despite oodles of train travel issues, i made it to my program just in time this evening. can’t wait to dive into this exploration of mindfulness and buddhism with a dash of yoga. spending last week exploring creativity and this week exploring spirituality, i feel like i have the perfect foundation for a tranquility-filled year! insights and updates from my spiritual excursion to come.

i’d LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to receive photos of you reading tranquilista. i put this out on twitter and got my first photo today of the cutest boy ever, gota, learning how to be a tranquilista. please send me a *photo of you reading and note your biggest takeaway from the book* to be featured on tranquility du jour! i will randomly choose from all the images received by *january 31* and send one lucky tranquilista a snail mail goody bag stuffed full of TranquiliT and tranquility tools.

oh, and did i mention i’d *love* to receive your photos with tranquilista?