love notes
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i can’t believe it’s been so long since i’ve written. this week has been a fog – probably due to my pringles/payday dinner coupled with late night shopping and all day at a tradeshow booth, long delayed flight home (where i curled up like a sleeping dog behind a counter at the airport for a nap – earplugs and all), non-stop meetings since monday at 11am, and prep for this weekend’s EXCITING hip tranquil chick retreat. we still have 2 spots left in case you can join us for a spontaneous exploration of hipness and tranquility.

as i finalize the submittal of edits to my new publisher, i’m crystallizing my next book idea. many of you gave SUCH great feedback in the hip tranquil chick survey and it helped to clarify where you’d like hip tranquil chick to go. i’ve come up with the concept “tranquilology” which would address spirituality, entrepreneurship, and creativity. it’s still in the design stages – need to write the book proposal and really think it through but i wanted to share my initial concept thoughts. does this resonate with you?

i wanted to pass along another idea i had tonight (you know those lightbulb moments) – bring the “dear hip tranquil chick” segment to life in a podcast. if you have a burning question that you’d like to discuss with me via phone for our phenom podcast, please e-mail me your question, why you think it would benefit other listeners, and what result you’re seeking with the resolution of your question. i’m so excited about how beneficial this could be to fellow listeners also struggling with the same yoga lifestyle dilemma.