tranquilosophy: change happens

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everything changes. nothing remains without change. buddha

it’s been a big week. between ended relationships to job changes to moves, it seems as if each day has brought a new life change to loved ones around me. everywhere i turn i’m hearing news of these large transitions. apparently these things come in waves and we’re currently experiencing a tsunami in my neck of the woods.

considering we are so interconnected, it’s hard to not feel the effects of big changes happening to those you love or to begin to feel a bit unstable yourself. i find that change is filled with trepidation and lots of vacillating between “should i” or “shouldn’t i?”

my semi-sabbatical has allowed me the space to ponder change and to observe the massive shifts around me. from people to nature to my pets. for example, i’ve been keen to the changes in my patio garden and how the trees are flourishing in the summer sun! little things that happen each day as we’re living our oh-so-busy lives. life is change.

since downshifting a bit (my inbox is half its size these days!), i’ve learned a few lessons in change that i’ve shared below.

1. know that change is part of life’s process. we are constantly evolving, growing, pruning, shedding. it’s a good thing even though it can be painful.

2. give yourself space to truly turn within and see what is or isn’t working. a few hours, a few days, a few weeks. whatever you can muster. your soul requires it. autopilot is sad and overrated.

3. sit with what comes up. listen to your gut. write about your feelings. when you have the answer, take action. don’t rush the process. bask in it.

4. serve up support. indulge in self-care and offer support to those around you. nothing is permanent. the pain will lessen and the storm will pass. let’s learn to ride these continuous waves sans attachment.

5. be gentle. have patience with yourself and the process. feel your feelings. be open to the journey. explore opportunities and give yourself wiggle room. you’re human and doing the best you can.

ah, the journey of life. enjoy these buddhist words of wisdom from urban dharma on the concept of change and this quote a friend sent me by john lennon: “life’s what’s busy happening when you’re making other plans.” avoid autopilot, embrace change, and repot yourself from time to time (just as we do our houseplants).

p.s. change is coming my way, too. i’ve been working on a new website design for over the past year and the above image is almost there. was so excited to share!

bisous. x