tranquilosophy: daybook deux

love notes
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dearest readers:
today i completed my fall semester of internship with 330+ hours. i feel lighter and closer to the desired MSW (masters of social work). it’s been a journey (circa 2009). 
and as we move toward the darkest day of the year, i’m feeling a deep desire to nest, reflect, and surrender. came home and curled up in front of the fire for an hour with beloved bonnard before heading to the studio for the evening. it felt good. 
above are photos of the sweet tranquility du jour daybooks that are en route to you. they arrived yesterday late afternoon. elf le beau stuffed them into pre-labeled packages and we rushed them to the postmaster in between vet and mindfulness appointments. more are heading my way and we’ll be playing santa as we ship more orders next week when we return to dc to tote bonnard to another kitty specialist.
as you may recall from last week‘s tranquilolosophy post, i emphasized the importance of planting seeds. we’re gearing up for a new year, a fresh start, and a time of renewal. ah, the possibilities!
last week i spoke at ogilvy and shared my top 5 tips of tranquility, reflection for 2013, and a sprinkle of chair yoga. enjoy the talk during your holiday travel as a token of gratitude and dose of love to help the seeds begin to take form.
it’s been an absolute joy to share the daybook seed with you and watch it ship out into the world last night. i look forward to planting more seeds on the blog and beyond with you in 2013. thank you for joining moi on this ongoing journey of life. bisous. x