tranquilosophy: india so far

love notes
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after departing washington at 10am thursday, i finally laid my head on a pillow in india friday at 4:30pm. my 15-hour airplane journey allowed me long chats with a female doctor from india, space to study what happens to a 6’4″ man who over-indulges in the airlines’ free alcohol, and lots of tossing and turning seeking comfort in those tiny upright seats.

on saturday we took a 6-hour car ride to rishikesh where we passed monkeys, cows, and ox drawn carts filled with sugar cane. yep, all on the highway! after a delicious yoga class, we settled into our beds for a well-deserved slumber.

sunday included yoga and a walking tour of town highlights by veteran darren main. afterwards i hit the two big ashrams to pick up schedules for aarti, yoga, and meditation before crawling under the covers at 6pm. while i don’t feel jet lagged, i can’t keep my eyes open past 6pm and succumb to my body’s desire for a 10-hour slumber.

i’ve included are a few of my favorite pics that offer a sneak peek into the experience so far. after taking or teaching an early morning yoga class, i find myself editing, writing, reading, wandering the streets with cows and locals, and taking in the journey. tonight is aarti on the river with a private talk afterwards with the swami. it was my highlight when i was here two years ago so i’m looking forward to indulging in the experience again.

i miss my boys. we found out bonnard has fluid in his lungs. this is on top of his hyperthyroidism (and psychogenic alopecia) which we were hoping to remedy with some crazy radioactive 3-day treatment. now we have to get this fluid figured out. sweet le beau is handling this all on his own since i’m abroad. and gets to take the fancy feline to his cat-free zoned cabin for thanksgiving (sorry, love). mom is missing her mom. a friend’s stepmom passed away. and the world continues to turn. somehow. life is so very cyclical and it’s amazing how everything is in constant transition.

wishing all my readers a beautiful, thankful week filled with gratitude for the present moment. hold onto it. it’s truly a gift. namaste.

bisous. x