uh, oh . . . 2 more books

love notes
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while going through my mail en route to montreal, i was excited to see that michael carroll is coming to the dc shambhala center in february. he wrote the mindful leader: inspiring the best in others and, of course, i had to purchase it once i signed up for his seminar. well, in order to get free shipping, i had to spend $8. so, i browsed more buddhist business books for 40 minutes and settled on start where you are by pema chodren. i adore her and plan to hit an upcoming thursday night dharma talk at the shambhala center and it turns out they are discussing this book. i HAD to buy these – for studying purposes! anything to justify my book-buying habit.

today beau, louis, and i woke up late, hit the dog park where louis ran wild, and i headed off to lead a lovely group of two dozen montrealers through hip hips (2 hours focused on hip opening). it was another divine day here in montreal which finished with a yummy meal at a chinese vegetarian restaurant located off chic st. denis. tomorrow is play time. we hope to hit some shops and are on the prowl for harmoniums. beau is horrified considering my severe lack of musical inclination.

i have met such lovely people during my short jaunt here in montreal; i’ll definitely have to return. the yoga community here is vibrant and sponge-like. the culture is tres hip. the food is yummy. the french is music to my ears (wish i could communicate with them beyond “bonjour” and “merci”).