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i recently rewrote the studio’s philosophy page to update our raison d’etre (see below). in doing so, i took a moment to rereflect on my own values (options on p. 61 of hip tranquil chick). ever taken some time to explore what really makes you tick? it’s satisfying and insightful. here’s a sample of my latest: social responsibility, creativity, inspiration, personal growth, flair, independence, community, loyalty. what are yours?

here is a sampling on the 5 values of tranquil space:

initiative: tranquil space began in kimberly’s one-bedroom apartment in 1999. with visions of strangers huddled around her fireplace, drinking tea, doing yoga and connecting, she began hanging fliers around dupont. years later, we continue to be innovators in our offerings of tranquility: local and international retreats, trunk shows to highlight local female designers, karma yoga program complete with volunteer days, yoga concierge service, newbie offerings, pre and postnatal teacher training and classes, our very own book and cds, voluptuous vinyasa flow for curvy bodies, and tranquilit, kimberly’s eco-friendly luxe lifestyle clothing line.

passion: in kimberly’s living room, there was a focus on special details: ribbons wrapped around inspirational quotes which greeted students on their mat, aromatic scents, the blazing fire that welcomed students, and the chai served in porcelain tea cups. these special touches continue to welcome students through vibrant studio decor, lavender aromatherapy scents throughout the studio, an abundance of tranquiliTea and treats available at all times, and inspiring music to accompany one’s practice.

community: over the years, moving from a living room to a parlor in a beautiful old church on 16th street to the opening of our doors on p street in 2003, tranquil space has attracted hundreds of like-minded yogis to its nurturing fold — encouraging them to mingle over tea and cookies after class, and carry the lessons they’ve learned in class off the yoga mat into their daily lives. giving back to the community has been important at tranquil space since its humble beginnings. through donations to numerous charities, volunteer days, picnics in the park, doga, and studio celebrations, tranquil space has made mingling off the mat mindfully with one’s comunity an intricate part of its mission.

creativity: teaching from the vinyasa yoga tradition, tranquil space teachers have all completed the studio’s comprehensive 200-hour teacher training – dc’s first yoga alliance certified training — and lead flowing creative classes with a strong emphasis on the relationship between the breath, body, and spirit. with a focus on helping students become fully aware of the present moment, leaving to-do lists at the door, tranquil space teachers also offer numerous enlightening events to assist students in finding a tranquil space on and off the yoga mat.

compassion: during practice, teachers encourage students to honor exactly where they are while also challenging their edge. this nurturing voice encourages students to stay mindful of and recognize continual growth. recognizing the importance of yoga as a catalyst for living a fuller life, tranquil space launched its own non-profit in 2006, the tranquil space foundation. its signature program, tranquilteens: stretch yourself, is focused on assisting girls with finding their inner voice through yoga, creativity, and leadership.