wednesday well-being: retreat

love notes
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 reflection time
 s’more time (with le pug on watch)
 cozy fire time
 sweet libation time
 creative time
ready to bloom this spring? we have 4 spots left for next month’s art + yoga retreat in west virginia april 19-21. the experience is created to nurture all your senses (yummy homemade veggie meals, candles, mindful movement, beauty, music) while offering a respite from daily life.  
join moi and a beautiful small group of like-hearted ladies for an escape into the woods to consciously create, reflect, and be. 
here’s a great article from daily om on going on retreat, one from zen habits on meditation, art journaling tips, and yoga love
take time this spring to nurture your soul, create goals for the season, and dream. either with us, on your own, or with a few dear girlfriends. you’re worth it!
bisous. x
 legs up the tree time
 kale chip + cuddle time
 art journal time
yoga on the deck