Week in Review {Pics + Links}

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Week in Review

Hello from the Southwest. Truly the Land of Enchantment. Filled with grayish sage brush, blue skies, and adobes. I’m here to study Zen and Writing with Natalie Goldberg—a woman I’ve read and admired from afar for nearly two decades. Our days run from 7:30am to 9pm and are filled with 10-minute writing prompts. She’s a big fan of keeping the hand moving. The hours of 9pm to 4pm are in silence. Yep, that’s five hours of talking.

This week has thrown my body and routine for a sweet shift—weekend in PA at a two-day social work licensing prep course, two days in DC, and three days in New Mexico. As I fell asleep Wednesday night after my journey out here, I could feel the swaying of the plane seeped into my bones. Or maybe it was exhaustion from being up since 2:30am Mountain Daylight Time.

As I prepare to dash (or should I say mindfully walk) to breakfast, I’m basking in this truly Zen setting, the silence, and the words that emerge onto the page. May your weekend be filled with pink petals, a good read, and a steaming cuppa tea. Bisous. x

Pics in Review

  1. Pink petals spotted in PA
  2. Scooped them up and let them fall one by one to the ground
  3. More pink petals
  4. Buddha + my tea mug
  5. Santa Fe skies
  6. Meetup with my aunt and uncle who where also visiting Santa Fe

Savvy Sources

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Weekend Wish List

Soften into the Writing/Zen Retreat
Soak up Santa Fe
Visit the Georgia O’Keefe Museum
Safe travels home