weekend in pictures

love notes
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here are a few fun photos to sum up my days on the west coast: moi and beau at st. francis winery, lovely ladies from today’s workshop diligently working on their collages, moi after the dharma mittra workshop before downing a yummy cupcake, and moi and BFF at st. francis winery.

it’s been a delightful weekend full of meeting new friends, connecting with old friends, working, learning, sipping vino, reflecting, eating yummy food, and doing yoga. i fly back to dc tomorrow and look forward to hitting the ground running on new projects – ESPECIALLY MY MARCH 15 BOOK DEADLINE. woo – hoo! gotta get to writing and create a writing schedule now!

speaking of managing my time, i wanted to share an interesting article on time management which i thought was helpful – reminding moi to get honest on how i’m spending my time to ensure the best utilization of it. i’m sure you, too, can relate as a busy girl-on-the-go so i hope it is a helpful resource!