women’s entrepreneurial leadership extravaganza

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i’m just home from an action-packed day that ended with me speaking on a panel about business at a GWU women’s leadership dinner. the beautiful room, on GWU’s lovely mount vernon campus in upper georgetown, was filled with mentors and their student mentees, faculty and others involved with this women’s program.

while getting my MA from GWU in women’s studies a few years ago, i was blessed to work on an independent study with the woman who runs this program. the topic of women, leadership, and business was love at first sight. empowering women to lead and create is truly what this program is all about in my eyes. business is about creating and serving.

as someone with NO business background, i never thought business was a possibility and it sure wasn’t an interest. it is amazing how my love for psychology blended with yoga and women’s issues helped me create tranquil space–a world that continues to evolve with my creative interests with the ultimate goal of helping others find tranquility.

my top 3 tips from tonight’s presentation:

1. create community: honor your clients and team with specials, events, and recognition
2. fuse your passion with growth opportunities: let your initial passion grow and evolve creatively as you do the same (i.e., yoga is the catalyst for my book, blog, podcast, clothing line, and, of course, studio)
3. share your success: mentor, consult, volunteer, give back, get involved with charities, create a movement

this little yogini has once again gone tired, but had to share one last bit of inspiration before replenishing with a good night’s sleep! ‘night xo