writer’s spa day 5

love notes
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thank you for your support and words of wisdom while adjusting to our recent loss of a dear soul. turns out another woman at the retreat lost a friend to suicide this week, too.

the new proposal for tranquilology is coming along beautifully with all the carved out writing space. however, in order to serve you best, i’d LOVE your feedback. i’m working on the chapter outlines focused on creativity, spirituality, and entrepreneurship. what are your burning questions with these 3 topics? considering my passion for DIY (do it yourself) projects, i’m hoping to include some great how-tos in the creativity section. anyway, without telling more and tainting your questions, please tell ME what you want to know. either e-mail me or post your feedback below.

also, if you have a moment and enjoyed hip tranquil chick, i’d be honored if you would write a review on amazon. all this feedback serves as great fodder for my proposal. back to writing. xo