8 Tips for Fall Tranquility

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Thursday night we gathered online to set intentions, learn eight tranquility tips, and create community. These quarterly gatherings are a delight to host and I so appreciate your involvement. We were blessed with visitors from Japan, France, England, Canada, and all over the US.

I introduced my beloved pugs Belle Starr and Mookie (who were deeply immersed in a nap most of the time) and shared a few books I’m reading. Extra treats included a favorite poem, a 20% off TranquiliT code, a colorful PDF Playbook, and shared resources in the chat box (hello hygge).

My eight tranquility tips are:

  1. Reflect (with provided journal prompts)
  2. Indulge in 25 suggested fall pleasures
  3. Try transitional style (ways to make summer items work in fall)
  4. Create your Q4 wish list
  5. Practice RAIN
  6. Incorporate eight daily tranquility tools
  7. Soak in the tub
  8. Practice loving-kindness

To learn more about these fall tips, download the one-hour video and audio recording to watch and/or listen to at your leisure. This includes the TranquiliT discount code and Playbook PDF. May fall bring a welcomed respite from overdoing.

Our next TDJ Live is Thursday, January 12, 2017 and you can sign up for it here. Bisous. x