Small Shifts: TDJ Live TOMORROW

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All you can do for your own unfolding is to set the conditions by slowing down for a bit (that’s the good soil), giving yourself the gift of your own presence in your life (that’s the water), and meditating regularly to help open to move of who and what you really are (that’s the sun).—Sarah Susanka

Hello week two of 2017. I don’t know about you, but life still isn’t back to “normal” post-holiday. There’s the mental recovery from spending weeks studying for an exam, wrapping my head around being licensed after the 7.5-year journey, and transitioning into a new schedule that’s still unfolding.

Last night I was able to attend an evening yin session at Tranquil Space. My Tuesday night hasn’t been open in almost three years. It felt luxurious.

These small changes create profound ripple effects.

Although the new year focus is often on BIG change, I’m looking at ways to make micro shifts that create more ease. Up early to journal. To bed early to read. Walk to work versus bike (gotta get my steps). Pack my lunch. Use the Insight Timer app to track my morning meditation. Schedule down days for thinking and being. Eat less processed food (bye bye frozen pizza).

While these aren’t the super sexy like spend two months abroad, start a new business, or take on a leadership role, I’m liking the simplicity.

When I wrote the conclusion to HTC10 last month, I mentioned how the past decade highlighted a deep desire—and need—to slow down and simplify. While this doesn’t match my typical go, go, go personality, it’s a gentle tug I feel compelled to honor.

And it begins with these small changes.

I look forward to sharing more with you during tomorrow’s Tranquility du Jour Live. Bisous. x