tranquility du jour tv: boxing 101

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when debating what to share for my second vidcast, i decided bringing the camera into the boxing ring would be a fun change of pace. with a constant desire to learn new things (always been a little too curious), i took my pink gloves and headed to a boxing gym in january. and, i’m proud to say, i’ve been going weekly ever since! this is a clip of thursday’s session (um, still sore!) with my oh-so-patient trainer donte brown.

during one of our first sessions he asked me what my fitness goals were. i quickly replied, “i want to look like madonna!” now when i moan about running stairs (inhumane!) or doing crunches (doubly inhumane), he reminds me about madonna.

boxing has been humorous, challenging, and rewarding on so many levels. oodles of hand/eye coordination (not my strength) coupled with cardio and learning something totally out of my realm. i hope this makes you giggle (note the pink pumas) and inspires a spark of living outside your comfort zone – that’s where life happens whether in a boxing ring, on a yoga mat, or at an art easel.