Find Tranquility in the City

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In one month we’ll gather at the #6 veg-friendly resto in the world for a day catered to finding tranquility in the city.

We have *only a handful of tickets* left to the Tranquility du Jour event of the yearTDJ Soirée, on Sunday, June 9 and it won’t be the same without you!

If you’re feeling in need of an inspiration boost, community, luxurious treats, and reflection time, this Soirée is for you!

This intimate, sensory-filled day is a gentle mid-year nudge of support to create and live a life you love. Filled with new material and oldie but goodie staples, this is the first immersive full-day Tranquility du Jour experience I’ve offered.

And the only one that’s planned.

I get it. You’re overscheduled, tired, and may have lost sight of those 2019 dreams.

The good news? It’s never too late to begin again and this event is all about reconnecting with ourselves.

Carve out this daylong Artist Date and learn to:

  • express your signature style [includes a TranquiliT pop-up AND mini fashion show to bring the concepts to life]
  • make self-care a priority
  • practice mindfulness within life’s messiness
  • infuse your days with beauty
  • use creative play to bring dreams to life
  • design a life you love
  • create focused goals and leave with an action plan
  • practice compassion for yourself and others
  • and more!
But don’t just take it from me . . . see why others are attending this one-of-a-kind event:

I am super excited for the Soirée! I always feel like I have given myself an important gift when I attend Kimberly’s events. I attended the writing week in Paris, as well as events in DC and was thrilled that the Soirée seems to combine the two! This is a perfect mini-destination celebration, and a wonderful gift to give myself to kick off the 2nd half of the year! I can’t wait to spend the day connecting with others and my own sensibilities, reveling in beauty, and getting inspired and aligned. YAY!

— Shannon,

I so wanted to join the Soirée, but summer plans and living in Oklahoma made it seem impossible. However, as I read of the people coming from all over the country, I decided there was nowhere else I wanted to be on June 9th. Her goodie bags are always a treat and the day’s activities sounded so fun! After watching the Soirée video I knew I had to make it happen. A day of learning to love myself and treat myself is just what I need. I hope to see and make friends during this very special event.

— Linda, “Mama Wilson”

I can’t wait to play at the first TDJ Soirée IN ONE month!

Make an investment in yourself, your dreams, and your spirit. You deserve it and I’m honored to be your guide on this day’s journey.

Remember, as Helen Keller wrote, “Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much.” Let’s do this! Bisous. x